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Hi, my name is Ruth and I was inspired to become a groomer by my beautiful and much-loved Shih Tzu Darcey.


Whatever breed of dog you have I can cater for it in my modern fully equipped salon.

Some of the most popular breeds I see include Spaniels, Doodles, Shih Tzus, Bichon Frise, Schnauzers and Westies.


As a professional groomer with the City & Guilds Level 3 qualification, I will always consult with you as to your requirements, as some owners prefer a show style whereas others opt for a more practical cut depending on the lifestyle of their dog.


The services I offer are wash and go, full groom including cut and blow dry, hand stripping and nail clipping.  I also offer a free health check of your dog at each groom.


As I am a passionate dog lover with four of my own, I do not use cabinet dryers favoured by some groomers to save time. I believe that these dryers cause unnecessary stress to the dogs and I want them to be happy to see me on their next visit!


Prices vary depending on the size, breed, coat type/condition of your dog.  Please email me or give me a call so we can discuss your requirements.



To keep your dog feeling comfortable, as well as regular trips to the groomers, you should also be taking some time to groom your dog yourself. 


How often you need to groom your dog will be very dependent on its breed and the type of coat it has.  For example, dogs with long silky hair such as Shih Tzu’s, as well as dogs with thick woolly coats such as Poodles and Doodles, will need extra care and attention. 


I will be able to advise you of the best products to purchase to help you with the maintenance and care of your dog’s coat type. 


Regular brushing and combing of your dog will help in the following ways:

•    Reduce shedding and keeps the coat tangle free.  

•    It helps the condition of the coat and reduces odour.

•    Creates a loving bond between the dog and its owner.

•    Helps you to spot any skin conditions, lumps or bumps that the dog may have and aids you to have a better understanding of the dog’s health and wellbeing.

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